Lowton Motor Company is a devoted MOT and service garage based in Birchwood. LMC boast over 25 years of experience in providing quality tyres to residents of Lancashire and Cheshire. We strive to provide the highest quality service, at the lowest possible price. We stock a range of tyres, suitable for varying makes and models of cars. Our expert service is assisted by the use of the latest equipment used for fitting and balancing tyres.

Its of vital importance that the quality of your tyres is never underestimated. Your car tyres provide the following primary functions:

  • Supports the weight of your car
  • Transmits traction and braking forces
  • Absorbs road shocks
  • Allows steering

Poor tyres significantly reduce the performance of your car, increasing the risk of skidding and stopping distance. Interestingly, underinflated tyres will increase your vehicles fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. On the other hand, over inflated tyres reduce grip and gives you less control over your car.

Free Tyre Check Birchwood

It is extremely dangerous to drive on tyres that or worn, bald or uninflated. Particularly when roads are wet, the condition of a car’s tyres affect a cars ability to brake efficiently. Ensuring your tyres are in good condition is essential in preventing potentially life-threatening situations. Keep your tyres correctly inflated and replace them whenever they are worn or damaged. It is important to keep your tyres up to pace so come to Lowton Motor Company for a free Warrington tyre check today.

Tyre Fitting Birchwood

At Lowton Motor Company we offer a professional tyre fitting service. We can provide any tyre you need, from budget to premium. Our expert fitters will provide you the best service possible, even offering wheel balancing and alignment.

If you’re in need of tyre replacement, tyre fitting or would just like us to check your current tyres, don’t hesitate to drop us a message or give us a call on 01925 320468.

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