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If you know that your vehicle is ready to pass its MOT, book it in for a Full MOT with a FREE RE-TEST if needed.

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Don’t get caught out in your car’s MOT test – get your car serviced before taking the test to find and resolve any issues and guarantee a pass!

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  • Partial Service
  • MOT Test


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If you know that your vehicle won’t pass an MOT test, let us diagnose and fix the issue before the test.

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  • Fault Fixing
  • MOT Test


How do I schedule a service appointment?
Do I need to get my air conditioning serviced?

Your car air conditioning does need to be serviced since it loses refrigerant gas over time, especially if it hasn’t been used in a while. Many components of your car’s air con system can wear out with time as well, including components like the compressor, condenser and hoses, leading to a loss of cooling capacity or filter failure – manufacturers recommend an air conditioning service once every two years or so, to maintain proper functionality and cooling in your car’s system!

Why isn’t clutch failure covered by my warranty?

Unlike many parts of a car, the rate at which the clutch wears out is entirely dependent on the way a car is driven – a poor driving style can reduce the lifespan of the clutch considerably. For this reason, the clutch of a car is classed as a “consumable” by manufacturers, who exclude it from warranties. Unfortunately this means that even good drivers can’t use their warranty to cover clutch failure – but at Lowton Motor Company, we’ll be able to help you with your clutch failure for a reasonable and completely transparent price, so you can get back ...

When should I replace my car’s fuel filter?

Your car’s fuel filter is crucial to keeping your car’s fuel pump and engine running smoothly, by stopping any particles, impurities and debris present in your fuel tank from reaching the fuel pump or the chambers of your engine. Like any filter, these fuel filters become less effective over time, forcing the fuel pump to work harder, and this is where the problems begin. Working harder, your fuel pump may begin to strain and could break down – check your manufacturer’s recommendations for how often you should have your fuel filter serviced to help prevent this but we recommend every ...

When should I get my oil changed?

Your car’s engine oil requirements might very between makes and models of car, but a good rule of thumb that we follow here at Lowton Motor Company is that you should change your car’s engine oil every 8,000 – 10,000 miles – or roughly every 12 months. If your car’s engine is noisy or jumpy, your “check oil” warning light is on or your car oil has turned black, it’s time to change the oil!

How often should I change my tyres?

Your car’s tyres are vital to safe driving, so it’s important to keep them in good condition. When your tread depth has worn down to less than 1.6mm, it’s time to replace your tyres, as this is the legal minimum tread depth requirement, and tyres with less tread depth than this pose a danger to you and other road users. You can check your tread depth using a 20p coin, by inserting it into the tread and seeing whether the rim of the coin is concealed. If it is, your tyre tread is deep enough, but if it isn’t, you ...


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