An MOT test becoming due can add a lot of stress to a driver’s busy life – but at Birchwood MOT, our Irlam MOT service makes sure your test is as quick, inexpensive and easy as it possibly can be! Our expert staff and industry-gold-standard diagnostic and repair equipment can’t be beaten, and at just £40, with a free retest where necessary, we can’t be beaten on price either. Any repairs and servicing necessary can be provided right here in our Irlam MOT garage, so anything that needs to be done to get your car back on the road can be achieved here in-house – you don’t need to worry about taking your car elsewhere to resolve any potential MOT-failing points. Just leave it with us and we’ll sort it out for you!


If you need an MOT in Irlam, you don’t need to worry about taking your car to Liverpool or Warrington to find the best service at the lowest price – Birchwood MOT are right here in your back yard! With our Irlam MOT garage, we can provide an excellent MOT service at a low price, with a free re-test where necessary to help you get your wheels turning again as quickly and inexpensively.

Our MOT tests are comprehensive and thorough, and any potential failing points can be discovered and repaired here on-site, so why go anywhere else? To book your Irlam MOT, get in touch with us today on 01925 320468 or use the contact form on this website to message us directly!


As mentioned above, Birchwood MOT provides MOTs in Irlam for just £40, and includes a free retest if you need it. We are dedicated to providing the cheap MOTs Irlam needs to get its cars back on the road as quickly and easily as possible – after all, the MOT is a mandatory test for vehicles over the age of three years, so at our Irlam MOT garage, we pride ourselves on our cheap Irlam MOTs – get in touch with us today to see what we can do for you!


The MOT test (or “Ministry of Transport Test”) certificate is a government-mandated requirement for road vehicles older than three years old, which holds them to standards of roadworthiness and safety before allowing them access to the roads. While frustrating when your MOT certificate becomes due, the application of these standards to all road vehicles above a certain age improves safety for all road users.


If your MOT test is due and you need to book an MOT test in Irlam, look no further than Birchwood MOT. Our Irlam MOT garage is equipped with cutting-edge equipment, including industry-gold-standard diagnostic and repair equipment, and staffed by experts with years of experience, who can provide an unbeatable service for only £40 – and throw in a free retest too, if you need it.

If you would like to book an Irlam MOT with unbeatable quality and an unbeatable price, look no further than Birchwood MOT. You can get in touch to book your MOT test in Irlam by calling us on 01925 320468 or sending us a direct message on our contact form, found on this site!

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