Discovering whether your brakes are functioning properly can often pose difficulty, if you’re unsure about the current conditions of your brakes, the following scenarios indicate they need to be checked:

  • Vehicle often pulls to one side when braking – This occurs if there is a problem with the brake linings. Likelihood is that your brakes will only require a simple adjustment.
  • Brakes squeal upon use – This is often caused if friction is created in the linings of the brakes. If the case, this will lead to further damage being caused to the brake pads, linings and rotors.
  • Brakes make a grinding noise – This will likely be caused by worn out brake pads. If your brake pads have been worn down so much, the metal will be clutching metal to stop, and the resulting noise is easy to notice.
  • Brakes feel spongy or low – This problem usually comes down to an issue with the master cylinder. Master cylinders is partly responsible for applying pressure to the brakes when it is otherwise not there.

If you are experiencing any of the problems that are detailed above, we would recommend you come and visit Lowton Motor Company, so your brakes can be serviced.

How do car brakes work?

Most modern cars have brakes on all four of its wheels, operated by a hydraulic system and made up of several components that are subject to stress and potential damage.

As you’d expect, the front brakes of a vehicle play a particularly important role in bringing your car to a stop as the weight of your vehicle is thrown forward. Braking systems differ between cars, depending on the vehicle size and function. The most commonly implemented hydraulic system uses fluid to apply pressure to pistons in the car close to its wheels, in turn, bring the car to a stop.

To assist in reducing the required effort to apply stopping power, some cars carry power brake assistance.

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