Air conditioning is one of those modern commodities that we have become accustomed to – keeping us cool and refreshed on a hot summers day – and most vehicles that are manufactured today are fitted with an air conditioning system of some sort. The efficiency of a car air conditioning system is often overlooked; however, just like all other parts of the car, it should be checked on a regular basis to ensure it is working as it should. This is why, here at Lowton Motor Company (LMC) Birchwood MOT, we offer a comprehensive and high-quality aircon regas in Warrington. Our team of experts will conduct a full air con recharge in Warrington, thus keeping you cool and comfortable when you’re behind the wheel – and the process will be completed quickly, efficiently, and for just £59.95!

For maximum convenience try our Pick Up & Drop Off service and we will collect and service your vehicle before returning it to you, leaving you to get on with your busy day.

Why Do I Need to Recharge My Car Air Conditioning?

Your air conditioning system can lose a significant amount of refrigerant gas over time, especially if it hasn’t been used for a long time. When this happens, not only will the air con fail to keep the inside of the vehicle cool in the summer, but it will also be much more difficult to de-mist your windows in the winter. Your engine will work harder to compensate for this and, ultimately, your poorly-functioning car air conditioning will lead to overall greater fuel consumption.

Manufacturers recommend that your car air conditioning is recharged every two years. This air conditioning recharge is not included as part of a routine vehicle service; therefore, the chances are, if your car is more than two years old, it’s time for a recharge – and here at LMC Birchwood MOT, we’re here to help, offering an industry-leading aircon regas in Warrington.

Industry-Leading Aircon Regas in Warrington

Let us take care of your aircon regas in Warrington and, we guarantee, you will receive the best possible service and at a very reasonable cost. As part of the air conditioning recharge service we offer, our team of experts will remove the old refrigerant gas from your air con system and replace it with new refrigerant. They will also check and replenish the system’s lubricant level in line with manufacturer’s recommendations and, to prevent gas from leaking in the future, they will perform a vacuum test to check for any cracks or damage to each component of the system.

With decades of experience behind them, our team of mechanics demonstrate excellent knowledge of the car air con recharge process and they are able to complete the entire process in an hour or less. The air conditioning recharge in Warrington is currently available for £59.95 and, you can rest assured, there are no hidden extras or additional charges. We like to be completely honest about our costs and the team will do everything in their power to make sure you receive the best possible service.

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